International Training

International DGNB Registered Professional

Any development that revolves around sustainable building has to be based on the same knowledge: an understanding of the issues and topics that are pertinent to sustainable building. The DGNB Academy offers a first point of entry to these topics with special training to become a DGNB Registered Professional.

The DGNB Registered Professional course is aimed at young professionals, students, and keen stakeholders within the construction and real estate industry, and beyond, who would like to acquire knowledge about sustainable building and planning.

Upcoming international DGNB Registered Professional Trainings will be soon published.

How to become a DGNB Registered Professional?

The compact 2 days course provides participants with an insight into sustainability in the construction and real estate industry and basic knowledge about the DGNB and the DGNB system. Based on their prior knowledge and educational goals, each participant can decide whether to take the exam to qualify as DGNB Registered Professional.
The knowledge on sustainable building taught in this course provides the optimal foundations for those professionals seeking to become DGNB Consultants or DGNB Auditors.

University cooperation

62 universities and colleges are currently cooperating with the DGNB. Students, whose university is part of this cooperation, have the opportunity to learn the basic knowledge of the DGNB during their studies. After successful completion of the course, students can register for the exam to qualify as DGNB Registered Professional.

Why to attend?

  • Understand the principles of sustainable building
  • Position yourself as a young expert in the growing market of sustainable construction
  • Take the first step for a career in the field of DGNB certification as DGNB Consultant or DGNB Auditor
  • Show your commitment with sustainability with your title as a DGNB Registered Professional

Who should attend?

Professionals and keen stakeholders who want to explore the principles of sustainability with focus on the construction and real estate sectors. Also see our full Registered Professional program in German here.

Admission requirements

No specific admission requirements need to be fulfilled to join the training course. After successfully passing the exam, participants will qualify as DGNB Registered Professionals.

To register for the exam you need to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Completed academic studies in urban planning, urban design, spatial planning, architecture, civil or construction-related engineering, natural sciences, economics or building physics or related disciplines


  • Training in the construction or real estate sectors.

Students enrolled at a university are admitted to the exam. However, you will only receive the certificate as a DGNB Registered Professional after you have completed your studies and send a copy of your graduation certification (or equivalent) to the DGNB Academy.

Note: All applications will be reviewed by the DGNB Approval and Review Committee, which has the final say on decisions concerning participant admission.