International Training

International DGNB Consultant

The DGNB Consultant training is aimed at key players in the construction and real estate industry with prior professional experience. In general terms, the training builds on the basic knowledge taught at the DGNB Registered Professional.

DGNB Consultants carry out auditing work for DGNB Certificates and Pre-certificates for buildings and districts. The training to become a DGNB Consultant entails you to work closely with the design team and the client during the design and construction process within the meaning of the DGNB Certification. As members of the DGNB Community, DGNB Consultants also help to implement the international application and adaptation of the DGNB System.

How to become a DGNB Consultant?

During 8 online sessions, participants will learn about the international application of the DGNB Certification System (Version 2020, international) for sustainable buildings and districts. Two complementary digital workshops assure the practical application of selected DGNB criteria. This way participants gain comprehensive knowledge on the DGNB Certification, the evaluation methodology and the adaptation of individual criteria to local requirements. 

To qualify as DGNB Consultants, participants need to take and pass the DGNB Consultant exam.
The exam is done online in a separate appointment and can be taken within a period of 24 months after the training course. In general, an average of 40 learning-hours is recommended to ensure passing the exam, but this might vary depending on individual prior knowledge.

Furthermore, we are offering on-site intensive courses, where participants gain the required knowledge for the DGNB Consultant qualification. These on-site training takes three days and locations vary. 

Click here to check-out upcoming training possibilities.

Teaching language and training material: English.


Focus and scope of service

The international DGNB Consultant Training focusses not only on the sustainability evaluation of buildings and districts according to the DGNB System, but also puts emphasis on the adaptation of the DGNB System to local requirements and application in new markets.

As an international DGNB Consultant you are entitled to carry out auditing work for DGNB Certificates and Pre-certificates for buildings and districts, as well as for buildings-in-use in all countries where no localized DGNB System is available. Once your first pilot project is successfully certified, you will automatically qualify as International DGNB Auditor.

As international DGNB Consultant you are not entitled to hand-in DGNB projects for following markets: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and Spain.
If you plan to carry out DGNB projects in all markets, we recommend you the German based training to become a DGNB Consultant. This training slightly varies to the international DGNB Consultant Training. Find all information here.

Our DGNB System Partners have developed a locally adapted DGNB Certification methodology for Denmark, Austria, Switzerland and Spain and are offering specific trainings in the local language accordingly.
- Denmark: Click here to become a Consultant with our DGNB System Partner DK-GBC.
- Spain: Click here to become a Consultant with our DGNB System Partner GBCe.
- Austria: Click here to become a Consultant with our DGNB System Partner ÖGNI.
- Switzerland: Click here to become a Consultant with our DGNB System Partner SGNI.

Why to attend?

  • Highlight your expertise in sustainable building and the DGNB System
  • Enjoy the networking opportunities offered by the DGNB Community
  • Enhance your portfolio of consultancy and auditing services
  • Use the DGNB Consultant credentials, logo and present your profile on the DGNB Website

Who should attend?

Architects, designers, engineers, developers, site managers, technical experts and product managers.
You want to qualify as a DGNB Consultant in Germany? Also see our full DGNB Consultant program in German here.

Admission requirements

No specific admission requirements need to be fulfilled to join the training course. After successfully passing the exam, participants will qualify as international DGNB Consultants.

To register for the exam you need to fulfil the following requirements:

Proof of participation in the DGNB Consultant Training (within 24 months prior the exam date)
Completed academic studies in urban planning, urban design, spatial planning, architecture, civil or construction-related engineering, natural sciences, economics or building physics or related disciplines and

  • 1 year of relevant professional experience following completion of a post-graduate degree or
  • 2 years of relevant professional experience following completion of an undergraduate degree or
  • training in the real estate or construction sectors with 5 years of relevant professional experience

Note: All applications will be reviewed by the DGNB Approval and Review Committee, which has the final say on decisions concerning participant admission