The DGNB - The knowledge platform for sustainable building

Sustainability is one of the prevailing issues when it comes to growth, efficiency, and future viability. Therefore, companies, cities, and municipalities increasingly focus their strategies on sustainable development.
As a central knowledge platform for sustainable construction the DGNB offers its entire expertise to a broad professional audience of the construction and real estate sectors, and beyond.

International Application

A key factor for the success of the DGNB System is its unique selling point: the adaptability and flexibility which makes the system perfectly suited for use in a wide variety of countries.
English-language certification criteria, based on European norms and standards, can be adapted quickly and easily by DGNB Auditors and Consultants to respond to local conditions. In doing so they support integrated planning, assure quality during the construction process, and promote innovative building concepts.

The DGNB Academy

The vision of the DGNB Academy is a more sustainable built environment. It provides professionals with precise tools and up-to-date knowledge to strengthen their skills through flexible and well-structured educational programmes.
Moreover the DGNB Academy is committed to address the future challenges of sustainable construction by

  • making DGNB expertise available to a broad range of professionals
  • meeting the specific needs of the different stakeholders with tailored training solutions
  • providing experts with tools for their professional growth
  • making DGNB knowledge available for the application of the DGNB Certification System

The DGNB Academy offers excellent learning opportunities to obtain expertise in the DGNB System and to explore current approaches to sustainable development.

There are further opportunities to participate in the DGNB Academy


Sreeparna Mitra
International Certification and Trainings
Phone: +49 711 722322-88
s.mitra at dgnb.de

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